Our Benefits

We Work to Provide Impeccable Steam Cleaning Experience

NASPA Auto Spa is leading the way by introducing the steam cleaning services specifically for washing cars. It is a process where steam vapour is used to clean a car’s exterior and interior parts. Our well-trained crew members can come to the place of your choice.

With our modern convenience of steam car wash, your vehicle can gain a new shiny look in no time at all! Our mobile car wash cleans deeper and more effective than a conventional car wash, removing stains, bad smell and reaching corners and pockets that can never be reached with traditional water wash.

NASPA Auto Spa, is a one-step process to effectively clean, disinfect and protect your car, truck, motorbike, and more.


Why Choose NASPA Auto Spa

  • Save Time with Our Mobile Detailing Service:
    Saving time means saving money – We provide convenient and professional detailing services that save clients as much time as possible. Our fully-equipped mobile car wash units are wherever and whenever you need them to be.
  • Expect Nothing but Excellence in Quality:
    NASPA’S cleaners are well-trained in delivering professional detailing services. They possess great care for details and use only specially formulated chemicals and gentle microfiber towels that never harm your precious vehicle.
  • Experience a Real Deal of Convenience:
    We take advantage of your parking time, bringing convenience at your door step. No queues or waiting, no rush to meet up with appointment or work schedules. Our professionally trained detailers comes to you with excitement to meet all your cleaning needs.
  • Save Natural Resources:
    NASPA uses less than a gallon of water to steam clean an average-sized vehicle. Our mobile detailing units come with their own power source, cleaning tools, and vapor steamers. They are used to loosen dirt and grime on both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.
  • Take Active Part in Environmental Protection:
    You not only help preserve scarce water resources when using our steam cleaning methods. You actively protect the environment using our mobile detailing services – on every single order you place with us, we save One Ghana Cedis to plant a tree, to save the earth.
  • Clean Stubborn Dirt & Kills 99.99% of Bacteria:
    Stubborn dirt and grease can be a challenge using a traditional approach but our steam cleaning services can easily break down the molecules that binds dirt and grease without damaging exterior paint or interior upholstery.