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Who We are

NASPA AUTO SPA is a passion-driven & a smart innovation company offering world-class mobile steam cleaning services. NASPA Auto Spa is a first of its kind providing 99% waterless and eco-friendly auto cleaning services in Ghana.

We offer sustainable car detailing, facility and equipment maintenance service across Ghana and beyond with the aid of sustainable eco-friendly hi-tech initiatives.

Apart from our administrative office, we can equally operate without any special infrastructure. Our fully parked & portable steamer kits makes it possible to operate at just about any indoor or outdoor parking.

At NASPA Auto Spa, we believe innovation is about doing things differently, that’s why we’ve come up with our mobile auto cleaning services that you can order where and when you need them. Our biggest goal has been to deliver professional services that meet our clients needs by prioritizing time and ensuring their happiness and satisfaction and we strive to always achieve this end.

Research has proven that consumers literally seem to spend long hours in queue s just to get their vehicles cleaned. NASPA Auto SPA is here to meet your needs by getting your cars 100% steam cleaned and delivered within 8-10 minutes.

We offer a very competitive eco-friendly car washing experience, aimed at approx. 1.5ltrs. to 2ltrs. consumption of water per single wash & for bigger trucks and vehicles, approx. 5ltrs. to 15ltrs. maximum of water for a waterless wash including engines, underneath, body and interior.

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Our Mission

We aim to deliver excellence to delight each client with our state of the art steam cleaning experience

Our Vision

Becoming a lead provider in sustainable mobile cleaning services across Ghana and beyond. Through initiating an eco-friendly establishment & technologies to ensure a greener ecosystem, to consistently contribute to a global change and to attain an organizational success