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NASPA provides an on-demand and Eco inclusive zero waste water runoff mobile car wash service aided by an integrated steam technology to cater for the interior, exterior & engine cleaning of our client's vehicles.

At NASPA Auto Spa, we understand priorities of your demanding lifestyle so we've thought to make life easier and comfortable for you. With the help of NASPA mobile/ web app our clients can easily access our range of mobile car wash services just by simple clicks.

NASPA zero waste water car wash mechanism is a giant step towards a greener carwash ecosystem. We continue to save thousands of litres of water while helping to keep our environment safe and healthy.

Now SAVE time from driving to the car wash and waiting in line or even doing it yourself. Go Waterless , Go NASPA Auto Spa!. Good news our new feature (water footprint calculator) employs AI to calculate your water footprint per wash and allows you to redeem your water preservation points for free wash, gift cards, grocery vouchers or donate to charity.

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Why Choose NASPA Auto Spa

    • Steam protects all sensitive parts of your vehicle and helps to restore your vehicle’s paint
    • Environmental performance: Steam evaporates and aids condensation for rainfall.
    • Water is life hence we don’t waste it! We guarantee up to 97% of fresh water retention per wash aid to attain UN SDG 6 & 12
    • Social prosperity: The health and well being of vehicle users is improved as steam eliminates up to 99.9999% of enveloped bacteria & viruses
    • Avoid the queues, NASPA mobile App brings the car wash to you at the comfort of your location.
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NASPA Auto Spa,Simply Wash, Wax & Preserve Water
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Our Vision

To build a global network of community based zero waste water car centers to curb car wash pollution, hence we are on a mission to solve climate change 1 vehicle wash at a time by empowering vehicle users and car wash enthusiasts towards responsible water consumption.