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NASPA Auto Spa Services is leading the way by introducing the steam cleaning service specifically for washing cars. It is a process where steam vapour is used to clean a car’s exterior and interior.

At NASPA Auto Spa, we understand priorities of your demanding lifestyle so we've thought to make life easier and comfortable for you by providing world-class mobile steam cleaning services at your fingertips. Our trained cleaning team can come to the place of your choice.

Our steam cleaning process does no harm to the environment —it's a giant step towards a greener ecosystem. We continue to save thousands of litres of water while helping to keep our environment safe and healthy.

Now SAVE time from driving to the car wash and waiting in line or even doing it yourself. Go Waterless , Go NASPA Auto Spa!.

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Why Choose NASPA Auto Spa

  • On every single cleaning order you place with us, we save 1% to plant a tree, to save the earth.
  • Water is life so we don’t waste it! As part of our CSR, we help to save water and aid to attain UN SDG 6.
  • No time wasting and waiting in line to have your car washed. We come right to your location.
  • As a NASPA customer, you will always come first. We put great emphasis on superior and professional customer service.
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NASPA Auto Spa Services,a world-class mobile steam cleaning service providers
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Our Vision

Becoming a lead provider in sustainable mobile cleaning services across Ghana and beyond. Through initiating an eco-friendly establishment & technologies to ensure a greener ecosystem, to consistently contribute to a global change and to attain an organizational success.